Out Of Bounds

by Out Of Bounds

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All is done by us Out Of Bounds.
Thanks to Playgood for letting us use their rooms and equipment.


released April 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Out Of Bounds Denmark

A three-piece punk-rock band from the North of Denmark.
Recently recorded three tracks at a local DIY-Studio in Aalborg.

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Track Name: Daydreaming
We burned these bridges down for fun
just like everyone
Free falling, into nothing
It doesn’t make a difference

You really want to make a change
Only got yourself to blame
Act now, before it’s too late
Reach out, and make a difference

Maintaining, frustration
Forward but in reverse
We never think, of consequence
Wake me up
Track Name: New Distraction
It only takes few words
To break it all apart
Forget what you been told
You know what's wrong and right
Justice, for all
No time for thinking, no time to fall

We have to find our way
Out of this society
We have to fight our way

The dirty hands of war
The deals behind our backs
They're pullings our strings
And tearing us apart
There's blood on - your hands
What ever you say, what's your demands


We will take action
We'll show no fear
We will not fight for you
fight for you

A new distraction
The world's destruction
A situation
We Won't give in!
Track Name: Out Of Bounds
Break through your fucking chains,
and try look up to, someone who’s not the same
As the last you had
wake up from the nightmare, and grab life by the hand
Let’s walk into this, together we’re burning but we’re still standing strong
on this very land, the ground below us, is slowly sinking down

Rise up, and live your own life
Too messed up? Speak up!
Let past be past, and just move on
Instead of, drowning

Destroying, no function, Out of bounds and no restriction
all the lies you tell yourself, you think its the truth but it’s pure bullshit!
You’re not alone, even if it feels like
you’re on your way, is what make this so right
Keep up the fight, and watch this go
Use your hands and break the chain in two

Rise up, and live your own life
Too messed up? Speak up!
Let past be past, and just move on
Instead of

Rise up
Speak up
As long your dreams they don’t get shattered
Is the only thing that matters